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clothing: A beginning

As far back as the fig leaves to today, covering & clothing the human has evolved to represent the status of the wearer as much as, maybe even more than, the need to cover and protect.

THE öriginal font COLLECTION

the collection that started it all... all the way back in 1995.



  Working Together - Collaboration - is as ancient and necessary as using nature to cover and protect ourselves.  Our "Öriginal Font - ofaafö" logo is intentionally distressed to artistically express the time honored commitment to, & value of, the ONE FOR ALL ALL FOR ÖNE concept and lifestyle.

Our clothing is worn for the inside and out. A statement without ever saying a word.

clothing: An evÖlution

Clothing quickly EVÖLVED to new types of covering and protection, status and meaning and its evolution has been an interesting journey. Early humans used animal skins, leaves and other natural materials to shield themselves from harsh weather conditions and potential physical harm. As societies advanced clothing evolved to meet specific functional needs. Different cultures developed clothing tailored to their environments.

Nomadic tribes created versatile garments for mobility, while settled communities designed elaborate clothing for religious and other ceremonies and events. Clothing soon became a symbol of status and identity. In many societies, the type of clothing one wore often indicated their social rank, occupation or affiliation. Rich and elaborate garments were associated with higher status, while basic clothing denoted lower social standing.


our premier-exclusive-high end collection

 clothing: the cÖllaboration

ofaafö is a concept deeply rooted in the human fabric. Since the beginning of time a concept woven in all of us. That basic premise compelled us to bring to the forefront what has always existed, one for all all for öne - ofaafö.  Clothing was, and is, the perfect vehicle, our soapbox, to amplify the one for all all for öne concept and lifestyle.  ofaafö improved our lives for the better and thru clothing - basic and elaborate - we work to artistically present and promote the one for all all for öne benefits to ALL via quality and style.  


its Ö way of life

Our products are available year round in limited quantities. ofaafö continues to grow organically with grass roots efforts of like-minded individuals who acknowledge the role fashion plays in clothing the body, mind and soul. Our goal is to continue to provide uncompromising quality while keeping an unrelenting focus on our foundation of Öwareness. Whether you have a social cause or a cause to be social; when you see the Ö think ONE FOR ALL ALL FOR ÖNE! 


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